30+ Small Business Ideas That Use Skills You Already Have

small business ideas

Secretarial Services

This business could be started at a smaller scale or at a big scale. If you are new on this area you should begin with compost fertilizer from waste items.

If you could have information in IT subject you can start this business. It is a extremely profitable business with good success rate. You need to pick good model such as Dell, Cisco, HP and so forth.

In garment trading, you need to purchase readymade clothes at a lower cost and sell it at a higher worth. Garment buying and selling has a very good domestic and international market. Fruit and vegetable trading is a very good business option. You can both open a retail retailer or act as a wholesaler for the trading of fruit and veggies. In fish farming, you’ll need a marine or freshwater surroundings or various small fish tanks.

Rice is an important food of majority population in India. You need to undergo with sequence of approval for establishing this business.

You require big house and ability manpower to begin this business. You can either import filtering plant equipment or purchase from local market. Investment and regulatory requirement of this business is high.