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Other Business Activities that need to be understood by an HR (Human Relation)

Managing human resources owned is the main obligation of the HR department in each company. This management is not only limited to a small scope such as administration, but also employee self-development, the selection of employees for various positions, and competition in the labor market. For this reason, you who work in this section also need to understand the company’s business activities.

Note that when you are in the HR department then you don’t need knowledge of other parts. Precisely because HR manages human elements in the company, understanding in other parts becomes necessary. The goal is to be able to understand the needs of each part and plan strategic steps related to HR owned.

If you might even hesitate after reading the little explanation above, let’s look at the next section. In this section, we will discuss the relevance and urgency of understanding in other areas of the company’s business activities.

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Other Business Activities That Need To ...