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Steps for Filing Auto Claims

Getting a car insurance is making an investment that aims at keeping you safe and secure bin the future. Basically, no one can predict when an accident will occur and no one is immune to causing an accident. Therefore, whenever you are involved in an accident, you need to consider auto claims where your insurer will have to compensate the damages. There are other instances where your insurance company will have to represent you in cases where you damaged another person’s’ vehicle. Through this article, you will garner or rather learn more about the five steps of auto claims filing.

To begin with, there is need to contact the police. It is very possible for you to fail reasoning and thinking straight as these car accidents are prone to avail emotional, psychological and physical damages. Therefore, you will have to garner facts about the accident from an eye witness who saw everything that happened and this person should not be prejudiced at all. The reason why you need to have an officer around is to make sure that the other party is cooperating. The police officer present at the scene will help avail a reliable police report that you can use to file claims with.

The second step involves you writing down all the occurrences and details concerning the accident. You are supposed to be keen and thorough an detail all the occurrences and happenings of the accident. The details you have listed on a paper will help you through the auto claims. It is after you have written down what happened that you get to understand the details you have written and this is the first step to simplifying the process.

The third consideration or step to take is contacting your insurance company immediately. Where you are not badly injured and are safe, you should contact your insurance company. There should be no delays on this and the insurance company will avail guidelines and details of the things you need to send to them. In other words, you will have a glimpse of what needs to be done. Some insurance companies take care of towing services and will even make arrangements for your rental vehicle. Once you have contacted your insurance company, they will create an auto claims file for you.

The insurance company will always assign you a claim adjuster to settle your claims. Basically, the adjuster becomes your representative and they will handle other parties involved in the process. They will also facilitate their own investigations which will lead to settlement of the claims.

The last step entails having the auto claims settled. It is after the adjuster assigned to you has handled all the groundwork and availed their final conclusion that you receive the estimate. This enables you to understand how things will work out. Your vehicle will either be repaired or replaced.

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