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Don’t Stop Until You Win

Last week was my birthday and it was one of the best ones that I’ve ever had. A friend of mine gave me some money, and I used that money to play a game of poker on one of the bitcoin casinos. My friend thought I was just wasting my money by betting, but it was my birthday money and I was going to use it how I wanted. My friend watched as I played the poker game, and he kept trying to give me tips on how to play. I’ve been playing poker far longer than my friend has, and has even taught him a few tricks of the trade, so I didn’t really need his advice.

I was able to win the game and double the amount I bet from playing poker. My friend changed his stance on it being a waste of money and decided to play. I watched as he played and didn’t give him any kind of advice. I figured that if he lost the game, he would blame me for giving him bad advice, but if he won, then everything would be fine. Much to my friend’s surprise, he actually lost the game, and was pretty mad about it...