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His aim is to create a platform of expression and storytelling for voices underrepresented within the media. His photography website highlights how diverse his talent it. It has sections of editorial, event, portrait and travel pictures.

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But finding one in good working condition for a fair price isn’t all the time simple. This guide covers methods I’ve learned over the twenty years as a client and a vendor on eBay. ORWO NP 20 is a panchromatic black and white film that was discontinued decades ago. The batch I’m testing expired in 1992 — thirty-two years ago! What I actually have right here is the elusive “SL Kassette” format designed specifically for certain miniature half-frame cameras. SCU is an online and live photo instructional resource for emerging professional photographers.

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This makes it even easier to find a photo as quickly as you’ve taken tens of 1000’s. When you’re taking pictures, watch the camera display to see if there is any overexposure. If there is, the first thing you must do is lower your ISO to its base value . As for aperture, ensure …