Social Security (Administration) Act 1999

social security administration

means a pensioner concession card granted to an individual who is qualified for the card under part 1061ZA of the 1991 Act (besides under subsection of that part). the Secretary could determine that the companion is to be treated as if the companion’s carer payment had not been cancelled but had been suspended for the interval of the suspension of the particular person’s disability help pension.

Two or more written claims by the same person could also be combined in a single claim. Such a claim have to be made in accordance with a form accredited by the Secretary for the needs of this subsection. when the claim was made, the particular person was not certified for the cost claimed but was certified for another social security cost, apart from a supplementary cost. You reply the phone, and it’s somebody alleging to be from the Social Security Administration or one other authorities entity. The caller says your social security number has been used to fraudulently apply for a credit card or commit one other crime.

the Secretary is satisfied that there have been no indications of monetary vulnerability in relation to the person in the course of the 12‑month interval ending instantly earlier than the test time. The Minister may, by legislative instrument, specify a category of individuals to be exempt welfare cost recipients for the purposes of this section. In deciding whether or not to vary or revoke a dedication made beneath subsection , the Secretary should comply with any determination‑making ideas set out in an instrument made for the purposes of subsection . If a dedication made under subsection is, or has been, in drive in relation to a person, subsection doesn’t prevent the Secretary from making a new determination underneath subsection in relation to that particular person. In making a determination underneath subsection , the Secretary should comply with any determination‑making rules set out in a legislative instrument made by the Minister for the purposes of this subsection.

The Secretary could open the earnings administration account even if the person isn’t topic to the earnings management regime. The Secretary may open an earnings management account in the name of a specific particular person. An amount standing to the credit of an individual’s income administration account isn’t held on belief.

For the purposes of this section, an authorised certifier is a person included in a class of individuals laid out in a willpower beneath subsection . If a pension bonus is payable to the authorized personal consultant of an individual underneath subsection or , any enhance in that bonus decided by the Secretary under section 93K or 93L is also payable to that authorized personal representative. Youth allowance just isn’t payable to an individual whereas this section applies to the particular person. The Secretary might direct that the whole or a part of the related quantity be paid to the individual in a different way from that supplied for by subsection . If the Secretary offers a direction, the relevant amount is to be paid in accordance with the course.

is a declared voluntary revenue administration area for the purposes of this Part. a Part 3B cost nominee who is not topic to the income administration regime. the stability of the income administration account as on the finish of that period. • A person who is topic to the revenue administration regime may have an income management account. Subsections and don’t apply within the case of a person who’s a fee nominee by advantage of paragraph of the definition of fee nominee in part 123A.

If, underneath subsection , the Secretary increases the financial value saved on a saved value card held by the first person, the rise doesn’t have consequences beneath the revenue tax law for the first particular person. If, beneath subsection , the Secretary offers the first individual a saved value card, the giving of the cardboard doesn’t have penalties under the earnings tax regulation for the primary particular person. The Secretary must not give the Part 3B fee nominee or a 3rd individual a voucher beneath subsection if the Secretary is happy that any of the related items or companies are excluded goods or excluded services. If the Part 3B cost nominee or a 3rd person is given a voucher underneath subsection , the Income Management Record is debited by an amount equal to the face value of the voucher.

to be advised the balance of the person’s income administration account using an automatic telephone answering system. This section applies if an earnings administration account is stored in the name of an individual. An amount should not be credited to, or debited from, an individual’s earnings administration account except as supplied by this Part.

However, spouses can nonetheless declare advantages no matter whether or not they ever held paid jobs, based mostly on their partner’s document. To qualify, the partner with a piece document must already be receiving retirement or disability benefits, and the nonworking spouse should be no less than age sixty two. the debiting of an quantity from the Income Management Record, or from a person’s income administration account, beneath this Part. If an account talked about in subsection is held by an individual jointly or in common with another person, every account holder is jointly and severally liable for the cost of a debt because of the Commonwealth beneath that subsection.