Benefits of irrigation

Irrigation is the supply of water to the soil in different duration and volumes. The people are encouraged to implement the irrigation systems on the farms with crops to raise their growth. There are many methods of irrigations which can be used without causing soil erosion. Most of the irrigation techniques are applicable in different areas according to the land size. For instance, the drip irrigation system is used to save water by allowing water to drip to the roots of the crops. The process of irrigation is mainly practiced in the dry areas. The article shows positive results of irrigation.

The irrigation plays a vital task of raising the products of the crops. The irrigation systems are useful since aid in applying water to the crops in a regulated manner. Irrigations helps to prevent the crops from drying due to limited rainfall. Watering of crops increase the growth of plants and therefore raise the outputs. The farmers are encouraged to irrigate their crops regularly to increase their rate of germination. Irrigation supply sufficient nutrients to the growing crops thus increase the products.

The other vital benefit is boosting of the moisture content in the soil which helps to supply water and nutrients to the plants. The land should always be moist to facilitate fast growth of plants. The soil in the farm should be watered regularly to provide moisture which aid in easy absorption of nutrients. Moisture is a primary necessity for seed germination and growth. The farmers are encouraged to supply enough water to the soil to maintain a high level of moisture.

Thirdly, irrigation helps in water conservation. There exist many regions where the rains are limited thus causing low moisture content in the soil. In the dry areas, the farmers also needs to irrigate their crops to prevent drying and also boost absorption of nutrients. There are various irrigation systems which helps to promote water conservation especially in the dry areas. Drip irrigation enable the people to save large volumes of water for use in the future.

Fourthly, irrigation enhances domestic use of water. Irrigations also improves the circulation of fresh water. The tanks have been developed for keeping water in the right way to serve during the dry seasons. The water storage facilities should be well designed to maintain the freshness of water for irrigation and domestic use. The irrigation systems can be used for domestic purposes such as conveying water for use by the cattle.

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