For those of you who like to write hobbies, surely you are already very used to composing beautiful words. In addition to just arranging words that seem beautiful, surely you also often slip meaning that not everyone knows but can guess. And it’s very fun.
Each writer must have a purpose for his writing. In the hope of benefiting people who read it. But do you know that behind your writing hobby can be a very profitable thing for you?
If you don’t know it, you must read it completely !!
Here’s how to get money from writing:
1) Become a paid writer

Being a paid writer is not a very difficult job for you who like writing. You can offer your writing talent to bloggers who are looking for content writers. Besides that, you can join groups like Indonesian bloggers on Facebook and offer your writing services. Usually per article is paid 10 thousand for 500 words. But different paid people too.

2) Become a Writer at Startup Business

Being a writer at startup is the best way for you to earn money from writing. how to work at this startup you only need to write articles and promote them on social media. If you get visitors, you will get a point. Well, you can exchange these points into money.
It might be useful for you to write interesting and viral content.

3) Become a writer that matches your character

You can write about the writings that are your character. From the news that hits/trends and the latest news. The discussion of news or info that you want to write about must also be more specific that can describe your character, so it will make it easier for you to search for news topics.

4) Become a Google Adsense Publisher

A lot of advertising-advertising media that you can use, but we are more recommending Google Adsense because it is safer and certainly trusted. To get started, you must have a blog that is quite 6 months old and has quality content.

After that, you can just register your blog into this Google Adsense advertising media. Lots of people have become millionaires and success in Google Adsense. This is very suitable for your writing hobby. So the first thing you have to do is build a blog.

Now that’s how to get money from writing. So which method do you choose?