Other Business Activities that need to be understood by an HR (Human Relation)

Managing human resources owned is the main obligation of the HR department in each company. This management is not only limited to a small scope such as administration, but also employee self-development, the selection of employees for various positions, and competition in the labor market. For this reason, you who work in this section also need to understand the company’s business activities.

Note that when you are in the HR department then you don’t need knowledge of other parts. Precisely because HR manages human elements in the company, understanding in other parts becomes necessary. The goal is to be able to understand the needs of each part and plan strategic steps related to HR owned.

If you might even hesitate after reading the little explanation above, let’s look at the next section. In this section, we will discuss the relevance and urgency of understanding in other areas of the company’s business activities.

Consumer Services

Other Business Activities That Need To Be Understood An HR If customer service or customer service is often associated with relationships with clients, in this context the perception is slightly different. Internally, the HR department is customer service. With the provider, the part is the company and the customer is the employee, then the HR department needs to understand exactly what to do.

Like customer service that is always there to serve customers, HR must always be there to 'serve' employees. Various complaints, inputs, development programs and strategic steps are efforts to satisfy the needs of employees who are in the 'customer' position.

Other Business Activities that Need to Be Understood by an HR Almost every sales company is the frontline for selling company products. The task of sales is not just to get customers, but also to deal with customers. The interaction process that is intertwined can ideally convey the value of the company so that the customer is interested and decides to make a purchase.

With responsibilities like this, the sales department cannot be filled with careless people. By understanding the work system and the sales department's responsibility, the HR department can then choose employees who are considered right to carry out this sales activity. With the hope that the salesman or saleswoman assigned can get maximum performance.

Other Business Activities that Need to be Understood An HR Section that is also laid is referred to as finance or accounting. It also needs to be understood correctly by HR. What is the urgency? The urgency lies in the planning and execution of various programs that will be implemented. How can the program be run if the planning is not following the company's financial condition?

Understanding the company's financial condition, the balance of the entry and exit of fresh funds and assets owned becomes necessary. In the framework of compiling and executing HR programs, the HR department needs to continue to coordinate with the finance department to formulate strategic steps that are in line with the company's financial conditions, so that they can be executed perfectly.

Other Business Activities to Understand HR Marketing in this context is how companies can 'sell' themselves in the labor market and business competition. The labor market is the main source of obtaining quality new human resources, so it is necessary to take appropriate steps so that the image of the company is well-formed in this market.

When the company's image appears to be good in the labor market, the potential for getting superior seeds will be even greater. Prospective employees will certainly sort out which companies have a good image and are valuable enough to enter. Without intending to 'sell-out' the name of the company, but it cannot be denied that a qualified workforce is also increasingly selective in choosing its workplace.

Establishment of company image and employees in it is the responsibility of the HR department. With the right program, companies can portray themselves as an attractive work environment for prospective employees. This also applies to employees who may do turnover or retire. Testimonials that they later revealed will also influence the company's image.

So from that, treating well-owned human resources is highly recommended. So that when the employees no longer work for this company, the stories that come out of them are positive stories. This is directly a marketing activity carried out and a form of value investment in employees who have worked.

It is possible for HR staff who have just started their careers, the four things above are not too important. But for those of you who are senior HR or managerial departments, understanding of these matters certainly has been felt to be beneficial for the preparation and execution of strategies